Cable Carriages

HORAL type

Universal type intended for cableways which are equipped with skyline diam. of 16-20 mm, mainline diam. of 10-13 mm, and haul-back line diam. of 10-13 mm Mainline released from carriage up to 70 m Carriage anchored and load secured at any position of rope – by means of skyline and mainline clamp jaws Continuous movement […]

Carriage MOKO-25

The MOKO-25 carriage is intended for use with cableways that are equipped with skyline, main line and haul-back line, and is used to extract wood uphill, downhill and in flat areas. When used on Cableways equipped only with a skyline and main line, the carriage can only be used for uphill operations. The MOKO-25 carriage […]