Training of the forest cableway operators

We provide special training of the Larix cableway operators by our fully qualified skilled and experienced staff with long experience in this field. While training we especially emphasize the safety of work and elimination of risks related to the operation of forest cableways. After meeting the given requirements the cableway operators obtain the Certificate of successful completion of the training course. We also render qualified consultancy in the process of assembling and operation of forest cableways.

Implementation of special orders

Construction, reconstruction and demolition of various building sites require development and innovation of technologies, which moves them continuously forwards. Concerning these trends, our experience and know-how, we can offer effective and feasible solution of transport of various materials. Our goal has always been to offer our customers optimum and safe procedures and their subsequent implementation.

Examples of some implementations

Construction of a footbridge in Stribro

Research Station participated in building a footbridge in the town of Stribro. The building site in a park was situated in a difficult terrain and the assembly of the footbridge structure by a crane was not possible. Transport of the structure by Larix Lamako cableway took 5 weeks and the cableway transported 32 welded steel components of total weight over 9,000 kg.
After such a unique use of the forest cableway, the footbridge can be used by visitors of the municipal park in Stribro now. (a few attached photos)

Construction of a bundled log road

The use of bundled logs for building forest roads increases the load-carrying capacity of soft roads and makes the passage through wet or watterlogged forest possible for transportation of felled trees, wood or machinery.