We have more than forty years of experience with research, development and the implementation of forest machines for heavy forestry operations. Until this time, our production schedule was never so extensive. It consists of machines for silvicultural operations and for timber skidding on tractor and sky-line terrains, as well as those technical parameters which are also suitable for use on protected landscape areas and national parks.

For silvicultural works, we produce and supply machinery for soil preparation before afforestation – Disc trenchers, type TPF-1N for agricultural tractors, TPF-2 for LKT-81, TPF-2U for stronger agricultural tractors, TPF-2V for forwarders. Disc trenchers, due to their versatility can be applied and used in all terrains, where there is the need of soil preparation prior to the artificial or natural regeneration of the forest. Mass and energy intensity are compared to foreign products much less, while the usefulness and usability are at least comparable. These are certainly with regard to the quality of production, service provision and pricing sessions, the reasons why up until this time there have been nearly 500 trencher units in operation, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Finland, Russia and Canada.

In representation of Poland enterprise Fao-Far we offer Forest trenchers FF FV 4088. Our next growing machines are the furrow tree planters: RZS-1 and RZS-2. These machines, which were developed in our department, have undergone further development and also have undergone some structural changes, particularly with regard to workplace ergonomics of the operator and the aggregation to tractors. Our own type setting equipment has remained virtually unchanged, because it is unique and has no equivalent in the world yet.

As for the main line of our activities with forest cableways, we currently offer several types of Larix mast cableways with mechanical and hydrostatic drives that have many variations according to the customer’s needs, pulled behind the tractor, trailer or truck – Larix Kombi H, Larix 3T, Larix Lamako, Larix H3-650. Of course, all of our cableways have radio controls and target automation, training in customer service and operational spares. As a complement to our range of products, we offer a Mountain Harvester and powerful yarders as well as carriages from the Austrian firms of MM Forsttechnik (Syncrofalke Cableways, MM Sherpa carriages) and Koller Forsttechnik. Our forest cableways you can find in operation not only in our country and the Slovak Republic but also in Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Spain and Colombia. Private entrepreneurs work with LARIX Cableways in France, Germany and Austria. Manufacturing cableways automatically entails the production and sale of tools and equipment, such as carriages, direction and opening rollers, compact wire ropes, as well as other accessories and accessories which need to be ordered.

We hope that you will find our products interesting and that you will become not only one of our customers. We also hope that you will join us as lovers of nature and our forests and not only protect the nature but also reasonably draw on and use the plethora of wealth, beauty, and renewable natural resources that nature provides for all of us to such an extent and with such intention that the future generations of our descendants will be proud.