Fence construction machine FENCE-R

| Machinery for cultivating activities

FENCE-R is a machine carried in a rear three-point hitch that can drive stakes (up to 2.5 m long) into the ground and unroll and tighten the wire mesh using an integrated hydraulically driven tray.

PoThe required distance between the stakes is controlled by a dragged chain, which can be preset to the desired length of the stake spacing. The wire mesh is then nailed to the stakes using an electric or pneumatic stapler. An additional feature that increases the working comfort of the operator is a storage for up to 30 stakes and one spool of wire mesh.

The entire tray can be clamped to the front three-point hitch or front loader. In terms of functionality and durability of the fencing, the machine can be retrofitted with a plough to create a furrow and consequently insert the mesh into the soil and then cover the mesh with the stripped part, which prevents it from being crawled under by animals. The machine complies with European Union requirements.