Disc trenchers

| Machinery for cultivating activities

Trenchers are designated for stripping the soil before the preparation of regenerating the forest or artificial reforestation on heavy weeding or calamity sites. The disc trencher, TPF – 1N, hangs on a three-point linkage to the farm tractor. Oil for powering the hydraulic motor is taken from the tractor’s hydraulic power lift system by quick couplers. The minimum power oil supply is 40 l per minute. The double disc trencher, TPF – 2, is adapted on skidding shield of skidder or on a three-point linkage to a farm tractor with a power output of more than 60 kW.

The minimum power oil supply for driving the disc trenchers hydraulic motor is 70/80 l per minute. Both types of trenchers have the possibility to tilt the disc against soil by a rotating circular plate with the option of setting the disc after 20°. The standard equipment is a disc with 12 teeth. The disc trencher, TPF – 1N, has the possibility to add a ripper tip which can penetrate the soil at a depth of 45cm. The ripper may be easily removed from the trencher by dismounting three pivots. Then it is possible to operate the trencher independently.