Carriage MOKO-25

| Machinery for preparing wood for transport

The MOKO-25 carriage is intended for use with cableways that are equipped with skyline, main line and haul-back line, and is used to extract wood uphill, downhill and in flat areas. When used on Cableways equipped only with a skyline and main line, the carriage can only be used for uphill operations. The MOKO-25 carriage pulls down the main line using the motorenables anchoring to the skyline, and can secure loads at any desired height under the carriage. The built-in Lombardini diesel motor serves to pull down the end of the main line and to drive the hydraulic generator, which supplies hydraulic oil for controlling the carrying line´s clamps and the disc brakes of the main line, which secures a skidded load under the carriage. The carriage is controlled using a radio command station with two transmitters.

Technical data

Engine power5,5 kW
Loading max.2 500 kg
Weight480 kg
Power of slack-
-pull line
4,2 kN
Consumption of diesel oil per 8 hoursmax. 3 l