Larix H3-650 P(A) forest cableway

| Machinery for preparing wood for transport

Larix H3-650 is a cable system based on hydraulic drives which is designed for timber transport on plain, downhill as well as uphill in half-linkage or full linkage. The Larix H3-650 forest cableway contains 3 cables: skyline, mainline and haul-back line. This is a universal, price-favourable cableway with hydraulic drives of drums, possible automatic carriage ride, PC controlled, integrated control of carriage and drum synchronization. The cableway is operated by a radio-controlled command stations from either forest or cableway operator place.


  • The cableway is designed as the P variant for a separate trailer with own IVECO AIFO drive unit, 4 cylinders, turbo-diesel engine 125 hp, or as the A variant can be placed on a loading platform of truck with corresponding parameters.
  • The very simple and reliable SAUERDANFOSS system of hydraulic drives secures the maximum power, perfect control and cable movement control. The interlock system between mainline and haul-back line provides the winding/unwinding harmonization, the minimum power consumption for braking.
  • Automatic and programmable control of loaded / unloaded carriage movement is provided.
  • The assembly drum with polypropylene cable, which is hydraulically controlled, makes work significantly easier, and it also shortens the time needed for full cable system positioning.
  • The continuous automatic additional tension of skyline cable secures its steady and safe tension.

The following carriages are used together with Larix H3-650 P (A): HORAL, MM Sherpa U3t Koller Uska 1.5 or 2.5.