The GOLEM 431 skidding winch

| Machinery for preparing wood for transport

The GOLEM 431 skidding winch is a one-drum winch enabling to perform all works at the skidding.

GOLEM 431 is equipped by:

  • cone friction clutch controlled by air
  • band brake controlled by air
  • rope outlet pulley adjustable in height
  • cable or radio control (according to client’s wish)

The new GOLEM 431 winch is fixed by 10 bolts to the final gearbox of the tractor bearing the carrier. It is possible to equip the tractor on the modular-design basis by the winch with the drop-type spring, protective bottom of the tractor, front loader and the windows protection according to the client’s wish.

Technical data

Drop-type sprag width1830 mm
Winch height1850 mm
Winch mass
– without the drop-type sprag
– with the drop-type sprag

400 kg
560 kg
Drum capacity50 m ø 12,5
Tractive force45 kN
Winding speed0,7 – 1 m.s-1