Tower yarder LARIX KOMBI H

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The Larix Kombi is a universal unit-built cable system consisting of a two-drum, large-scale winch with a mechanical drive connected to a skidding shield. It is carried on a three-point suspension ofatractor with an output of 70 kW. With such equipment, it can work as a skidding tractor withareach of 50 m or as a high-lead system with a mainline as well as a haul-back line (skyline and mainline) with a reach of 220 m. The cableway is remote controlled by command radios.

As a unit-built system, it may be additionally equipped with a hydraulically tensioned skyline in an auxiliary drum and a hydraulically collapsible tower. It enables to get a LarixKombi H cable system with a skyline, mainlineandhaul-back line with reach of 350 m. The assemblyline is placed in the front line container.