Cableway Larix 3T

| Machinery for preparing wood for transport

The Larix 3T cable system is designed for timber concentration uphill, downhill or on flat ground withreach of 650 m and maximum load is 3t.

Driving and transportunit of the Larix cablewayis anagricultural tractor,on which the entire superstructure of cableway is carried on theback and on the frontthree-point linkage.

The system consists of 4 lines: skyline, endless line, hoist line, auxiliaryline. The Larix 3T is a system with mechanical driving drums. Thecableway is remote controlled bycommand radios.


  • Both axles of the tractor are optimumally loaded and the agricultural tractor with the Larix system is verymobile also in difficult terrain.
  • The system with an endless line makes it possible to load during transport and it does not need to brake with the haul-back line. Also, it is quite simple to drive with a carriage, with or without a load.
  • The load is automatically secured and kept in the wanted position under the skyline.
  • The target automatic and radio control of the winches as well as carriage from the loading (in the forest) or unloading place are included in the standard equipment