The Larix Lamako tower cable system

| Machinery for preparing wood for transport

The cable system Larix Lamako is designed for timber concentration uphill, downhill or on flat ground with reach of 550 m and maximum load is 2,5 t. Driving and transport unit of the Larix cableway is an agricultural tractor on which the tower cable system is carried on the back and front three-point linkage. Other transport variations are trailer or truck. The system consists of 3 lines: skyline, mainline and haul-back line. Lamako is the universal cable system at a favorable price with mechanical driving drums, with an automatic ransmission of carriage and remote control by command radios.


  • The whole cable unit is suspended on the back three point linkage (tower with winches) and on the front three point linkage (storage drums, assembly drum, carriage) of the agricultural tractor – both axis of the tractor are loaded and the complete unit is very mobile in difficult terrain.
  • The very simple and reliable construction of the mechanical clutches and brakes do not demand any servicing.
  • The construction of the clutches and brakes ensure the exact limitation of tension on the lines.