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Our blocks are characterized by their lightness, easy handling and simplicity. Textile bands are recommended for their binding. We offer directional opening block, opening block to cableway circuit and blocks for off-axis cableway build.

Corner Blocks

Corner open blocks are manufactured in three sizes:

Maximum load22 kN37 kN60 kN
Maximum rope diameter10 mm11,2 mm14 mm
Block mass3,4 kg4,2 kg7,4 kg

The outstanding features of the blocks are their lightness, easy manipulability and simplicity. Textile chokers are recomended for their binding.

Universal Forestry Block

The universal opening block may be used with the ropes of the 8 – 12.5 mm diametres for various purposes in forestry. I finds its broad utilization as the supporting of guiding roller in cableway skidding. It may be also used as the corner block of power roller in tractor skidding.

Technical data

Mass9,6 kg
Maximum load60 kN
Block bearingantifriction bearings
Block surfacehardened