Daily Archives: 18. 1. 2020

Cableway Larix 3T

Advantages: Both axles of the tractor are optimumally loaded and the agricultural tractor with the Larix system is verymobile also in difficult terrain. The system with an endless line makes it possible to load during transport and it does not need to brake with the haul-back line. Also, it is quite simple to drive with […]

HORAL type

Universal type intended for cableways which are equipped with skyline diam. of 16-20 mm, mainline diam. of 10-13 mm, and haul-back line diam. of 10-13 mm Mainline released from carriage up to 70 m Carriage anchored and load secured at any position of rope – by means of skyline and mainline clamp jaws Continuous movement […]