Furrow planting machine RZS-2

| Machinery for cultivating activities

The furrow planting machine, RZS-2, is recommended for the mechanized planting of both bare-root and containerized (max. container size: 8 cm) planting stock, after the clear-cut and brush removal, with the maximum stump height limited by the tractor clearance height. The propelling unit of the furrow planting machine is an agriculture wheeled type tractor with
a front driven axle and an engine output of 50 kW or more or a LKT 81 skidder. The RZS-2 is suspended on the tractor´s three-point linkage.

The hydraulic oil for lifting and lowering the planting mechanism is taken from the ISO outer outlet of the tractor´s hydraulic circuit. The actual planting is carried out by one or two workers. Lifting the machine over the terrain obstacles is provided by a footoperated hydraulic distributor handled by the worker sitting on the left side. The crew is comprised of a driver with one or two human planters which change during the machine’s operation, followed by planting quality control during the shift. The furrow planting machine is in modification RZS-1 with one human planter.